Planting Plans

A Planting Plan is a separate document provided with the Final Design or as a stand alone plan which focusses solely on plant selection, their positions, quantities and dimensions.

A typical Planting Plan will include:

  • A scale drawing at either 1:100 or 1:200
  • North point
  • Property boundary, and any existing external or internal fencing
  • All buildings, structures and existing significant vegetation (trees) to be indicated on the plan (those to be retained and removed) drawn to scale
  • Paving, retaining walls, fence design details and areas of cut and fill
  • Proposed vegetation
  • Soil preparation notes
  • Legend indicating all proposed vegetation and other features
  • A Plant Schedule, providing the following
    • The botanical and common names of chosen species
    • Quantity of plantings for each species
    • The height of selected species at planting and maturity (and width at maturity)
    • An appropriate key to cross reference with the Planting Plan

We pride ourselves on 'planting for purpose' and ensure all plant life that is chosen for your property thrives and is grouped together so maintenance and water consumption is minimised.