Landscape Design

We embrace your ideas and apply our knowledge and creative flair to produce a garden for you to experience and enjoy. The final project should not only look great, it should be fully functional, sustainable and well-balanced. 

Our Landscape Design process is as follows:

Initial Consultation. An onsite visit to discuss your requirements and highlights potential issues with the current and proposed sites. In addition, we will focus on the wider aspects which may affect the local environment, neighbouring properties and all relevant stakeholders. A sustainability analysis report can also be included to feature with the Concept Plan or Final Design

Concept Design. Should you wish to proceed, we will create a one-page document which features a scale drawing, highlighting key features within the proposed space, such as existing structures, existing plants to keep/remove, recommended planting scheme, surfaces, images/photographs and general notes to help you visualise the proposed landscape.

Final Design. Once the Concept Design has been proposed and ideas have been finalised, we will develop the Concept Design to become a finished document which will include all the industry-standard information that is needed for the project to be constructed. On smaller projects, a Concept Design is enough to start the construction process. 

Construction Detail. On larger, challenging and/or projects which have a high percentage of hard landscape elements, we will provide additional documentation which will show construction detail, dimensions, and any technical drawings needed so your chosen contractor can complete the construction process. 


3D Landscape Design and Animation

In addition to the above, we offer a 3D Design service along with 3D Animations, to help your proposed landscape project come to life. This is usually incorporated within the Concept Plan stage for an additional charge.

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