Bluetooth Solution


It is understood not everyone wants or needs high-end stereo equipment in their household, extending out to the garden or alfresco.


We quickly came up with the most basic of systems for our current customer which means they can have outdoor/indoor sounds at their fingertips:

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth III

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth III


Smartphone+Spotify/Apple Music+Bose Soundlink Bluetooth III


Within seconds this combination gives you just enough to fill a small space with a very impressive and substantial output. The Bose Soundlink III is robust in design, easy to use and kicks out quality sounds. The bottom end is lacking (as you can appreciate with a Bluetooth device) but overall the bass is still present, albeit on a small scale. The sound is very directional so walk out of the speakers direct line and the sound diminishes, but that's not a bad thing perhaps? Especially outside where some speakers may be turned up too loud for lack of power and excess music 'shouts' and spreads to neighbouring properties.


It's worth mentioning the battery life is substantial, 14 hours of play. The range is decent (9 metres) so you can take this down to the lawn area to chill out underneath the Agonis flexuosa (see collage below for our latest landscape project) in the warmer months.


We tested the following albums/comps via Apple Music which, if you haven't already seen or tested it out is worth considering as your primary digital music source. Intuitive, sound is good and there's plenty of choice with some decent exclusive compilations to suit your mood.


Tame Impala - Currents

Chet Faker - Built on Glass

Mike Francis - Collected


The Bose Soundlink III handled the more chilled, spacious sounds of Chet Faker really well with great finesse and detail. Some of the more energetic Indie-Dance, like the opening track from Tame Impala 'Let It Happen' with its hard-hitting drums and intense, grande synths, pushed the Bose a bit too far. Not to say the sound was unpleasant, just a little overwhelmed. I'm guessing you won't be using this device for dance parties  though?!


All up a handy Bluetooth Speaker that sounds bigger than itself which is arguably top-of-the-class.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Solution - Bose Soundlink Bluetooth III

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Solution - Bose Soundlink Bluetooth III

George Amos