Climate Change denial?

If you don't believe Climate Change is happening you are only going by opinion as over 98% of Climate Scientists (experts, by the way) say it is indeed very happening.

'We're on a natural cycle...'

Yeah, whatever.

What you can't deny is pollution. It's everywhere and there's huge amounts of physical evidence to prove that humans are tearing the world apart. To ignore it means you do not care for the next generation.

As well as the obvious physical images of pollution, ripping coal and sucking oil out of the ground, then burning it into the air is so frustratingly stupid, it's embarrassing to think this is still happening. Carbon dioxide levels have never been higher.

We should take a look around the world to see how it can be done:

Yes, we're all to blame.

Don't wait for Abbott to do anything about it. Stand up, if you care.




George Amos