Merry Christmas, roll on 2014

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year.

We're keeping busy over the Festive Period (no 4 weeks holidays for us this year) so feel free to call us anytime if you have a project you wish to get started in 2014.

To our existing maintenance customers, our 2-4 weekly visits won't be disrupted as all staff will be available throughout late December-early Jan (excluding the main holidays).

Yet again, many people missed out on the Springtime planting opportunity so we're now looking at March-April as the ideal time to 'plant up'. Don't be tempted to plant out during Summer, even with all this rain we've had. It only takes a few days of hot dry winds and un-established plants will suffer.

Keep an eye on our 'Coming Soon' page as we're making progress with our new Concept Designs, prioritising Sound & Music for Domestic and Commercial Projects. I bore most people I meet with the cold-hard facts - most Landscapes lack decent music and great sound. Cheap insufficient sound systems cause more noise and are annoying to people. In addition, due to the upward trend of hard surfaces and less greenery in modern landscapes, noise pollution can be a noticeable problem for households, cafes, bars and restaurants.

We're looking forward to designing unique spaces for places. Space is the Place.

George Amos