An introduction to Acoustic Landscape Design

Noise pollution is minimised with acoustic fencing and decorative screens. Your entertaining area is positioned correctly within the property. Plants and features mask noise and assist with sound attenuation. A unique planting plan is designed to attract native, singing birds to your garden. A bespoke sound system installed so audio can be played throughout your outdoor space.

Acoustic Landscape Designs prioritise the above, for domestic landscapes and small venues throughout Melbourne and surrounds. Taking inspiration from some of the worlds most interesting outdoor spaces where music, people and the environment are priority. 

Acoustic Landscape Designs implement features to help minimise noise pollution from surrounding neighbours, city traffic and music venues and as a result, will improve the overall acoustics of your outdoor space.

Sound systems will be installed to suit your lifestyle - speakers will be positioned to improve your outdoor audio experience without having to increase volume too high.

All materials and features used in our landscapes will all have a part to play, keeping unwanted sound out and locking the good stuff in. Plants will have an acoustic quality and some will attract native fauna - singing birds may visit to sing you a song. 

Your outdoor space will not only look good it will sound awesome too.

Acoustic Landscape Designs.

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